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30 Years and Counting...

This fall marks 30 years of good times and great music at LONDON BRIDGE STUDIO. 3 decades and counting as a creative hub for artists, producers, and forward thinkers that have all contributed to our rich history in the Northwest, and have impacted lives across the globe. Producers, musicians, engineers, ideas, signal flow, and eventually recordings that have all combined to the tune of over 65 million records sold worldwide. Even in the brave new digital world of 2016, it’s true... We’re still here, still analog, and have continued to maintain, restore, and celebrate our core principles, our core signal flow. Our approach, has always been simple, but strikingly innovative, built by musicians and producers, for musicians and producers.... Founders Rick and Raj Parashar took great care in selecting our (recently restored) hand built Neve 8048 Console, and our space designed by acoustician Geoff Turner. Now ten years after purchasing London Bridge from Rick and Raj, Geoff and Jonathan are proud to introduce you to a new partner, and announce the expansion of the London Bridge team, family, facility, and gear list. We have evolved into the new model for a modern creative recording space, something we are so very proud of, excited to share with you, alive, growing, and crafted with great care. Combining our genuine and reverent celebration for our past, with a feverish commitment to YOUR future, we are excited for you to come and be creative, to come document your ideas, your signal flow, leave your imprint, and continue the tradition of utilizing these tools and these walls that have been so meticulously maintained to continue to help influence so many... THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THE LONDON BRIDGE FAMILY and thank you for your commitment to the creative community in the great northwest! If you haven’t been by in a while, we’re happy to have you back and show you around.

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