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Updated Gear List!

You can download the new studio specs right here
here are some highlights:
• new Aviom 16 channel headphone system with 6 stations • new microphones in our collection include: U47, U67 (Wonder Audio), Elux-251 stereo pair (Ela M 251 copy) AKG 414 (x4), Telefunken CU29 (x2) Telefunken M260 (x2) • New Musical Instruments include: Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, and many new guitars • Neve & SSL AWS 900 In additional to our newly restored Neve 8048 we now how a 24 channel SSL AWS 900 sitting right next to the Neve. • JBL M2's We've updated our main monitors to the JBL's flag shop monitor system The M2's.
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